Thursday, May 26, 2005

Everyone knows it's Wendy

When I first started The Bookish Girl and became involved in the blogging community I though briefly about how I would sign my comments and posts. I knew there was a very well known knitting Wendy out there and it made me feel weird to post my name on my comments for fear of confusion.

This was (and is) strange for me. I have a somewhat uncommon name (It reached the height of its popularity in the 60s and 70s when it was the 47th most popular name, in 2003 it was 288th.) (Side note: have you ever played with Baby Name Wizard? So. Fun.) I have known only two other Wendy's in my almost three decades on this ball of magma. While I have periodically come across the name, either in entertainment or in my everyday dealings with retail establishments and/or other minor public encounters, I have never been confused with another person with the same name.

I ultimately decided to sign my posts with my initials. The reasoning here was to avoid anybody looking directly for me by typing my full name in Google. In other words, I didn't want my full name on the site. This (to me) has nothing to do with courage, as some may claim, it more has to do with my family. The result - WLPR which, as someone once commented here, sounds like a radio station. That amused me and I continued to sign off that way.

As for my comments on other blogs? I decided to use my first name (Wendy) thinking that there was little chance anyone would confuse me with the other Wendy. And you know, it was my name.

Little did I know that there are like 1 million Wendy knitters out there. It's crazy. I read blogs I go to leave a comment and I think, "Huh, I didn't know that I've already been here." And then I realize it's not me. It happens EVERY time I see the name. You see, I just am not used to it.

Identity crisis up ahead. Need for distinction rounding the bend. Irrational loss of self pulling up the rear.

Consistency and clarity to the rescue! In the blog work I am not only wlpr or Wendy but I am also Bookish Wendy (cue the ta-dums.) And from now on I will call myself such. Here on the blog posts and over yonder in your comments.

In celebration of this very dull realization I have christened a new email address where you all can reach me d-i-r-e-c-t-l-y. I will add it to the sidebar once I figure out how to hotlink it and whether or not spam will find me (any hints?). In the meantime reach me at: "BookishWendy at" that wonderful place called "gmail dot com" (combine the words in the quotes, substituting the appropriate punctuation and you should find me.)

I've also done a bit of trolling and found these lovely Wendy's in the Knitting Blog Sphere. If there are others let me know. I'll add them to the list, cause Wendy's rule. These are in no particular order...

Wendy Knits


Knit and Tonic

Zibibbo is Good


Wendy's Wee Woolies


Cat Knits

Not Your Ordinary

See what I mean?! There are a ton!!

BTW - As I mentioned in my last post, I originally saw the "Taste of Yarn" on a blog. Well, that blog was Andrea over at MellowTrouble. Go check her out and give her a virtual hug. She said that she went to on at a yarn store in Burbank, CA. Thanks for blogging about it Andrea!
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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Knitters Came. The Knitters Went.

Before they came, the house was spotless.

After they left, the house was almost spotless.

Before they came, the fridge was empty.

After they left, the fridge was full.

Before they came, my cat was semi-normal.

After they left, he was a porn star.

Before they came, I was uninspired and bored with knitting.

After they left, I was motivated and full of ideas.

I hosted a "Taste of Yarn" this past weekend. I totally ripped the idea off from some other blog but I have no idea who it was...and they did it at a yarn store. If it's you that I picked it up from let me know in the comments. Credit where credit is due - that's my motto.

Rob and I scrubbed and shopped and generally worried about the size of our house and the placement of the silverware. Okay, we didn't REALLY worry about the silverware. Really all I had to do was blink, because these ladies took care of it all. They brought food, yarn, and alcohol. THEN THEY CLEANED IT ALL UP!

Let that sink in for a minute.

Not only did they clean but they left me yarn, booze, leftovers, and a headache. Oh, wait. The headache was from the Sangria. Stitchy had to mix up an extra batch, that's how good it was.

I ended up not really knitting too much. I was too distracted by the ladies and all of their shannigans. Colleen was drinking out of the pitcher of Sangria. Melanie, Maryse, Stitchy, and Elisa got into a fist fight over our cat, FutureMan. Jackie was buried in Fiber, I think I saw her even try to eat some. Kellee was running out of the house into the dark of the night looking for the thing that set off her car alarm - never you mind that she was alone running into the night. Poor Ben was trying to catch up on all the eating that went on before she got to the house (she got lost.) Alison was mumbling something about socks, how she's obsessed with socks, where are the socks. Kerstin was quite as a mouse...I'm sure she was plotting her next move in her war against our government. Keiko was lost in the couch...I'm not even sure she left, I should go check to make sure she's not there. Amy was so happy to be wearing white pants that I was afraid she was going to burst (and ruin her white pants in the process.) And Kris was hell bent on finishing her scarf - I had to keep people out of needle range.

Whew. With all of that to keep up with it's amazing I didn't get hurt in the process.


It rocked, I so recommend letting strangers* into your house. Unfortunately, the stranger ones among us weren't able to make it (Julia, Erin, and Johanna.) Kidding, I actually had dreams about getting a hug from Julia. Seriously, have you met this woman? She has the wing span of a Phoenix. Her hugs are awesome and as she says, "Bigger is better!" Erin's peanut butter pie was missed as well. I mean, what the hell is a party without peanut butter pie!? Johanna, well she's in Mexico and really, it's hard to feel sorry for her.

*actually none of these women were strangers. They one rule I had for the evening was that the only people I could let into my house were people I had met in person. That and they all had to be fingerprinted before they walked in the door.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We interrupt this work day for the following story:

(I sent this post to Elisa to edit out any inappropriate content. She didn't delete anything...just added. I was going to erase her comments for fear of confusing you. However, I think they're funny and it's my damn blog. I suggest reading through the black first and then reading the blue. Or just skip the whole post and go have a's probably more exciting)

Elisa and I work at the same company (That's true). We used to work in the same department. Unfortunately she fled the scene soon after I arrived. Coincidence? I think not (Is so).

My department is housed in an old crappy 8-Floor Tower (This is also true). Elisa's department is housed in a nice 16-Floor(?) High Rise . They don't have mice. We do. Um, not so much, lady - we've only got 12 floors, and we've got mice o'plenty. Yesterday someone said the mouse problem had "escalated". Does that sound like no mice to you? Har. Are you feeling the injustice here?

When I first started working here Elisa was my tour guide. Her boyfriend Mike recently discovered that Elisa showed me around the campus (we have five(yep) buildings) by giving me all different options of moving from one location to another. Every time we went from my department's floor to the Cafeteria (two buildings, two elevators and 10 floors away) we went a different way. Down the stairs here to the elevator there. Down the elevator here to the walkway there. There are innumerable combinations. It left me somewhat confused - but not too agitated. When I finally figured out where everything was I was able to get there 80 different ways. It was cool. Mike discovered this "tour" tactic when he started working at a new job. One of his colleagues subscribed to the same tour guide concept. Upon complaining to Elisa and realizing she had done that to me he called her a Shit-head. No, he called me an asshole. There was never a man who loved a woman more. Mike has an uncanny ability to call his love Shithead and burst with pride at the same time. Much like Rob did this morning when, as I was walking out the door, he called me a turd brain because I had lost my keys, *again*. These men of ours.

So, during one of our tours (to the bathroom.) I discovered that there was a shower on our floor. I thought this was practical and useful. Elisa stated that she had never used it because, "it was a shower at work." Have you heard about Flogic yet?! Hey - that's not Flogic. You take a shower in a building where the maintenance people call the place where pigeons live "The Penthouse". It is a bit grimy and gross and dark. The building is old and grimy and gross and dark. I suppose one could not expect more from its shower. The concept of a shower at work quickly exited my mind. Elisa left the department soon after.

During one of my recent trips to the D&D (Dunkin'Donuts) (or as I, "The Heretic" like to call it "Dunky Dones") on our campus I had an emergency bathroom moment. Not of the Valentine's Day kind....just had to pee really bad RIGHT THEN. I happened to be in Elisa's newer, nicer Office building. I went into a bathroom, walked into a stall and noticed a sign on the door that read, "Ladies, please wipe the seat when you are finished” or something. Now, the signs in the bathrooms of this company have been discussed on this blog before. These offices are filled with Type A people. I did my pee business and related tasks. Upon flushing the handle I thought I might be sucked into the Boston Harbor with the force of the flush. Holy Cow. It was crazy. And sure enough there was all kinds of toilet water all over the seat. What did I do? Wipe it up and flush the toilet paper. And sure enough there was all kinds of toilet water all over the seat. What did I do? Wipe it up... do you see where this is going?! Somehow I managed to JUST WALK AWAY.And people say I'm OCD.

Elisa and I have discussed the forceful flush of her building. Unfortunately, I was drunk at the time so I don't remember the conversation. I do remember it was a funny one because, let's face it - we're funny girls. Or at least we think we are.

This morning I biked* my way into work. I arrived to my office with Helmet Head and Sweaty Pits. What did I need? A shower at work. I emailed Elisa to inquire about the showers in her nice newer Office Building. Were they better than my dark, dirty and icky one? Unfortunately they don't have any showers in their building. According to Elisa, "we don't get sweaty here in the XXXX Bldg, apparently." What was my reply? - "Ah yes, but you do need industrial flushers on your toilets. Frankly, I would rather be sweaty." To which Elisa replied, "We don't stink, but we make lots of #2!" Speaking of, I think I gotta go...

These are the types of conversations that make me giggle in boring meetings. The lives of intelligent normal people who have email conversations about showers and poop. Thank God we've found one another.

* - the new bike will be the focus of a yet another wandering and pointless post.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Love is all you need.

Ten of My Favorite Things (tagged by Cara, who I also love)

1. My bed. I love my bed. I especially love my bed in the morning when I wake up and realize that I'm in it. And that my love is next to me. I love that moment.

2. My animals. I'm not the best mom, but I love them with more heart and soul than is normal.

3. Knitting. I love knitting, the friends that I've made, the sanity it brings me, and the fact that that it's a social hobby (as opposed to reading, which is inherently not social.)

4. My family. They drive me crazy but I love them. My parents are incredible and I feel so lucky and blessed to have them as my own. I am what I am in large part because of their efforts.

5. My "swan" families (Margene, I just love this...I hope you don't mind that I co-opted it.) I have been incredible lucky with friendships. I met my best friends when I was 12. They are still my best friends. We expanded our circle as we entered high school and the "pool" got bigger as 2 schools joined to one. Three of us ended up at the same college where the circle expanded further. I feel incredibly happy that almost all of these people were at my wedding. They are a huge part of my life and left me with an incredibly high standard of friendship. They have supported me, challenged me, and called me out when needed. I love them with all my heart. Fortunately, that has served me well.

6. Cooking. I love to cook for people. I don't know if it's my Italian heritage or what but to me, cooking someone a good meal is like giving them the largest hug you could ever muster.

7. Reading. There are times when escapism is the only way to go. For me, this happens at least once a day. Reading is my daily dose of "Reality TV".

8. Water. In my former career I was an Environmental Scientist who focused on Water Resources. Particularly fresh water resources: rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs. I am happiest when I'm by/near water. In Grad school I spent an entire summer doing field work on the water. Every day on the river. It was incredible. The weekends were spent on St. Simon's Beach. H-E-A-V-E-N.

9. Children. All shapes, sizes, colors and smells. Although they're not so much fun when they're screaming their heads off...or when their voice rises above the normal octave to screech mode. I still love them.

10. My husband. The love of my life. I miss him when he's in the other room. I have to touch him when I sleep. He drives me bonkers most waking hours. I love it.

I think I'll add pictures to this later. You all should see my loves!

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Lovely Lorette Looses a Hand (for a bit anyway) and Tags me for a Book Meme

Lovely Lorette tagged me for this Book Meme (Have you seen what this woman did to her hand?! For cryin' in the beers I cringe when I think about it! Fortunately, this post makes me realize that the woman it happened to is pretty freakin' great!) I've been thinking about my answers for weeks. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I've got any together.

Q: You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?

This could be really awesome or it could be really horrible. I imagine that the question is asking me where I would want to go - what time, place, and temperament do I want my world to be? I brainstormed a few here: The Great Gatsby, I Capture the Castle, Harry Potter, Franny and Zoey to name a few. The Great Gatsby would be pretty cool. That era is so romantic to me. However, the characters are all jerks. Could I go off on my own once I was in the book? To make a long story short I picked I Capture the Castle. I love the era, love the characters, love the story, love the feeling it gave me. I imagine I would love to be "in it".

Q: Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

I don't think so. If I have, it's been on a female character. I admire and love strong female characters who are vividly aware of their flaws. Have you read, The Magician’s Assistant? I love the main character.

Q: The last book you bought is: "Atonement" by Ian McEwan. L-O-V-E it. I read Amsterdam a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is way better.

Q: The last book you read: The last book that I finished: The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. Edith Wharton is another one of my favs. I pretty much love all the authors of the time period - Henry James, blah, blah, blah.

Q: What are you currently reading? Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke, Cloud Atlas by , and Atonement by Ian McEwan. I'm not a "read more than one book at a time" kind of person. However, the bookclubs are getting ahead of me.

Q: Five books you would take to a desert island.

Holy cow this is hard. I don't read books more than once. It doesn't happen. No matter how much I love it...I can't do it. Okay, I take that back. I've read Franny and Zoey a bunch. I love it. So:

1. Franny and Zoey by J.D. Salinger
2. The Bell Jar by Slyvia Plath - this is an amazing book. Simple prose, vivid imagery....
3. .... ends there. I would most likely take five really fat books that would keep me reading for a long time.

Q: Who are you going to pass this stick to (2 persons) and why?
Elisa and Jackie - they were the first bloggers I met and they totally set the stage for excellence. Now - they're not knitting bloggers they're my great friends!!! Mwah!

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Saturday at the Stompers Part II

Can I just say, there's nothing like going through a Saturday knowing that someone is "watching". It didn't cause us to alter our schedule at all - but there are a few "normal" everyday things missing here from the pictures. Some occurred, others didn't. For example, some things that didn't occur: Shower for Wendy, Lunch, Healthy Dinner. We are so not ready to have kids.

On to the "real" news....

We're still in the process of getting our house settled (we've been in it for a year and a half.)

Today we painted our bedroom:

We finished just in time for the Derby.

Curtains will be hung, frames will go back on the wall, and it will be complete sometime this week.

(It's pretty crazy what the camera does with colors. The actual color of the walls is much closer to the during pictures.)

The Kentucky Derby was celebrated in high style here in the Stomper household.

Screw all the
fancy hats - I pulled out my cowboy hat and Rob and I wore our "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky" T-shirts. Here we are cheering against 50:1 odds.

(These t-shirts were a wedding gift from our nephews. These boys were the life of the party, can you tell?)

While we didn't make Mint Julep's,
we did partake in the official drink of the State of Kentucky - bourbon:

Leaving today (Sunday) to start off much as yesterday (Saturday) did.

ps - I love it when people post pictures in their homes. Somehow what's in the background is often more interesting than the subject. This is definitely true when I look at pictures of us in our house. I wonder what you all will see and wonder about. You're now given a free pass to may learn something about me and I'm all for sharing!
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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday at the Stompers

I'm answering the call of duty.

(btw - has anyone ever heard a Kentuckian say the word Duty? My nephew is in the Navy, so the family is saying it ALL THE TIME. I giggle my pants off at every utterance. Me, immature? Never.)

A photo essay for you all.

Saturday at the Stompers
(this is our "team name". Have I ever told you the story of the "team"? Hmmm, another day perhaps.)

We had a bit of a hangover this morning:

Which was promptly remeadied with this:

Our sweet neighbor invited us to his 30th Birthday Party last night. Disco was the theme and were we ever disco-ing. Rob and I went over without dinner and managed to come home a bit more drunk than intended. Isn't that always the way?! We had a great time. It was all OVER THE TOP.

A Saturday morning is never ever complete without this:

(The coffee, not the wine! Gesh, give me a little bit of credit here. I'm a LAAADY, no drinkin' until noon for cryin' out loud.)

and of course, this:

(Saturday morning Batman Cartoons)

The animals of the house set a good example:

11AM and the cat's still in bed! Mind you, he is not allowed in the bed, EVER. I am allergic and his butt smells really really bad. So, no bed for him. He was promptly relocated to another comfy spot in the house.

Oh what kind of excitement could the rest of the day bring? There's no telling. Tune in later for:

Saturday at the Stompers Part II.

One thing I do know, it's crappy out!!!

ps- My bedhead photo is missing this morning. I think the hair is getting too hasn't been cool in a few days.
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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Taking a Drink at Glickman's

It was my sock, the retro rib sock, that so sadly met the fate of the coffee. Not just any coffee but Dunkin' Donuts (D&D) vanilla iced coffee with cream and sugar. Now, the New Englanders in the group may feel the gravity of the situation. D & D puts the cream and sugar in FOR you. Let's just say it's probably better we don't know what we're drinking. The buzzing in my head after I finish a LARGE is enough to tell me....we've got multiple staining agents here.

Hopefully it's nothing that a good soak can't take care of. If it doesn't work, well, I'm at peace with the sock's destiny. I will persevere, finish the sock, and feel a special attachment to the "special" variegation in the yarn.

Alas, I am not going to any kind of Sheep and Wool celebrations this weekend in a certain state that starts with the letter "M". However, I know that "As the Blog Turns" will slowly reveal all of the episodes. Have fun kids - just don't forget the sharpie's. Someone MUST embarrass themselves so that I feel better.

Me, I'll be sipping a Mint Julep with my Kentucky Boy watching the Derby run by.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The best and worst: Beaver Dam Reunion 2005

The Beaver Dam Reunion (BDR 2005) was a huge success (some day I will tell you all the story of the Beaver Dam. For now, rest assured the term Beaver is meant in a non-gutter ball context.) This little man...

took his first steps....

(notice Marne knitting in the background?! Love this girl.)

This lady's belly...

was pampered and petted.

The sweet sweater was gifted.

The trip ended with an extra night in D.C....I missed my flight. Only because I tried to check in 27 minutes before it took off...3 minutes short of the required 30. 3 MINUTES!!!! For crying in the beers - could the airlines be more anal?! Next time a flight takes off 3 minutes late someone is going to get an ear full.

Now for the worst.

Coffee, knitting, and a lot of people in line to get on a plane never equals happiness. Poor litte yarn butt....

So, what do I do? Wash the yarn alone? Wash the yarn and the sock and the other skein I have? Knit it up and then wash it all out? By wash I mean - "soak in a cool bath of mild detergent."

What you sez?

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I'm Back!

I'm back from my trip and this is what my hair looked like this morning when I woke up:

I swear - the bed head is wayyyy better than the hair during the day.

Judging from this, and the fact that I'm 45 minutes late to work 'cause I couldn't get out of bed (I swear there is some earth force that keeps-you-down in spite of your "best" efforts,) do you think I had a good time?!

PS - Does anyone else see H.I.'s mug shot when they look at this picture?! I know sweet hubbers will...

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