Thursday, June 30, 2005

Where on God's Green Earth...

have you all been hiding?! Do you come here all the time and I just don't know it? Or did you just stumble upon me and think, "hey, I'm up for some bloggy love with the possibility of fabulous prizes." Cause I'm feeling the bloggy love. In fact, some would say I've been bowled over by it. Unfortunately I don't have the means to figure out who some of you are (as in, if you have a blog or if you are one of the "normal" people who keeps their hobbies and life off the Internet.) For those of you who have public profiles on Blogger I've had a fabulous time finding you. For those of you who don't - well leave your website or, if you're without, your dilly-o (that means deal, as in who and what you are - that's what the kids in the neighborhood, oh I mean 'hood, tell me.)

Thank you for taking the time to vote, and really, for letting me know you're out there.

While I bask in the light that is blog love I would like to entertain you with one of my new favorite pastimes.

Turn A Superstar into a Fool

This is Angela Jolie. She has been designated as one of the world's most beautiful/sexy women. I would have to concur. As Melanie said the other day, "I would totally switch sides for her." She is a bit strange but she is one fabulously beautiful woman. Yo.

We recently got Tivo. I love to record programs, watch them, and then pause in places where people are making funny/unattractive/goofy faces. The amusement is never ending. Take for instance, Angelina. She was recently on Inside the Actor's Studio looking fabulous.

Not anymore....

See, even beautiful people look crappy sometimes.

ps - If that isn't entertaining enough, go check out Kellee's shoes. Oh yah. The revolution starts now. I encourage you all to come clean about the ugly shoes in your closet. Even the ugly ducklings need a little love. And with hand knit socks in them, how could they not feel it?


Please go see Ms Sultry....she needs all kinds of bloggy love. For real.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Way back in April I decided to knit up Alison's Nothin' But a T-shirt from MagKnits. My orginal idea was to knit the word "knitfomaniac" onto it. Then I had a far better idea:

Which font should I use? Leave your top three choices (ranked from 1 - 3) in the comments. Voting at the Bookish Girl is fair and fun. You may win something. You may not. Your motivation should be bloggy love, not prizes. (Teeheee, have you all ever seen me try to compete for one of these? Shameless.)
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Monday, June 27, 2005

Frankly my Dear...

The Red Sox are done! I'm honoring this prestigious event with a button downloaded from Vicki's.

I've been out of the blog loop and was only able to catch up with Vicki until this past week. And now, I realize that I had missed the boat on the Knit Red fun.

No more, I'm groving with my finished Red Sox!

Truth be told...I had to take these babies off as soon as the photo shoot was over. Man it is damn hot. Not before Robby took this picture...

My new shoes!!

Elisa is sure to disown me. But I love them for kicking around the house and neighborhood. Hear the collective gasp. Yes, I wore them out of the house and what are you going to do about it?

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.
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Sunday, June 26, 2005

How 40" can save your life

I went off to my usual Thursday night knit-night and was greeted by an empty table. Blech. I stuck around because little miss JoFrog was on her way. It turns out that she got a bit turned upside down and it took a long-ass time for her to find me.

It's a good thing she did! She came bearing gifts. She heard my call of pain regarding the Denise cords. Her finger is on the pulse of all things knit-cool. This woman brought me a 40" Denise cord!!! No join neccessary. Apparently this is a new offering by the Denise folks and can be purchased separately.

(We went to see Batman Begins this past weekend. It's a great movie. This is a different Batman, he's from the most recent cartoon - The Batman. He was kind enough to model for me. He's not too busy these days with the new guy around. All the Batmans are different, trust me, I have been well versed in the Batman School of Thought.)

Magic Loop here I come babeeeee.

I ran home and showed Robby. He said, "Man those knitters are kind and thoughtful people aren't they?"

You bet your sweet bippy.

Many thanks Johanna. You rock.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night.


Here are the ones that we knew right off (forgive me for not linking to each of your sites, it's late and I'm tired):

From Margene: "Walk this way." Movie: Arthur

From Terby: "Gee Ricky...I'm really sorry your Mom blew up.." Movie: Better off Dead

From Terby: "Where do you get those wonderful toys?" Movie: Batman

From Katie: "That rabbit had a name. It had two names!" and "I'd make a great Gordon, Gordon." Movie: Roger Rabbit (we're not sure about this one)

From Monica: "And I really don't care for the way your company left me in the middle of fucking nowhere with fucking keys to a fucking car that isn't fucking there. And I really didn't care to fucking walk down a fucking highway and across a fucking runway to get back here to have you smile at my fucking face. I want a fucking car RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" Movie: Planes, Trains and Automobiles....this is a great one!!

From Lorette: "Is this a kissing book?" Movie: Princess Bride

From Suzanne: "Oh ffffuuuudddggggeeeee!!!!" Movie: A Christmas Story; "Bob's sailing." Movie: What about Bob'; "Noone puts Baby in a corner!" Movie: Dirty Dancing; "Santa!" Movie: A Christmas Story; "Bueller . . . Bueller" Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

From Cara: "Never trust the living!" Movie: Lost Boys.

From Laura A: "Head! Pants, now!" (Hint: said with a Scottish accent.) Movie: The Full Monty AND "I have a bad feeling about this..." Movie: Star Wars (or Return of the Jedi)

From Lisa: "That's a real shame when folks be throwing away a perfectly good white boy like that." Movie: Better off Dead AND "These go to *eleven*." Movie: Spinal Tap

From Maggie: "Badges?...We don't need no stinkin' badges." Movie: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre AND "I coulda' been a contender..." Movie: On the Waterfront

Did anyone check out the American Film Institute's special on CBS the other night? It was pretty cool, "AFI's 100 Years 100 Movie Quotes".

We may be wrong on some of these. As for the others, well...what can I say? We suck at this game. Leave me a clue (or the answer) in the comments and we'll go for another round.

Play It, Sam!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

"If you do this you'll regret it when your 80"

We're back safe and sound. Our trips to Kentucky are usually quick and this was no exception. We flew back last night rollin' into the airport just before midnight. I was a total zombie today. I managed to accomplish quite a bit on this trip:

a - Finished the first Red Sox and am about half way through the second. Good times.

b - Listened to about four hours of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - love - my new favorite site.

c - Eat TWO of the five meals we ate while in the RED state at Steak-n-Shake. I LOOOOOOVE Steak and Shake

d - Bite my tongue on at least six occations. I am officially a proper Southern Woman.

e - Watched four of my six nephews permanently alter their body with tatoos. Rob and I are pretty convinced that, while the boys are well over the age of 18 both in years and attitude, the father of two will hide them from us when we come back into town.

f - Face the life and breath of racism in a small southern town. Man, that shit is complicated but no less wrong. It's about as wrong as it is complicated.

g - Manage to love and learn more about my "new" family. They are so different from me on so many levels but I am constantly amazed by their loyalty, love, and kindness.

Okay - Life lessons with Wendy is over.

Movie Quotes tommorrow...

ps - I'm wayyyy behind on emails. The love is flowing - just not over the e-wires.
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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Holy Bat Guano Batman

You guys are the master movie quote finders! I had no idea. Pure genius.

Do you think we could somehow convince Hollywood that we'd all be good movie writers? We blog. We knit. We could write movies. It could work.

Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday wishes for the Robster. His day was a good one. Complete with friends, food, cake, spiderman balloons, beer, and PRESENTS!

We're off to Kentucky this weekend to eat some hay and walk around barefoot drinkin' moonshine. Teeeheheee. I'm kidding.

We're off to
Kentucky to see Rob's family. I won't be able to post through the weekend. The quotes are coming with us on the plane so hopefully we'll be able to crack them soon. I'm totally one of those people that gets brain freeze as soon as a question is asked of me. "Bookish Girl, are you wearing underwear?" Ummm, well, I'm not sure...ummm, let me think.

It's so not cool and makes the movie thing almost impossible for me.

The eternal question that plagues us all when the suitcases come out?

What knitting to bring?!

Fortunately I'm well versed in this one. The answer is RED SOX.


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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Today is for you, my Love (*Updated*)

Four years ago today I had my second date with my now-husband. We went for pizza. This was fifteen days after our first date and a week before our first kiss. Can you say, slow start?!

While we're at dinner at the Mellow Mushroom in Athens, Georgia we ordered beer. I had no idea it was his birthday and had asked him to go out that night on a whim. Last we left it I was busy with my thesis defense and jury duty (I was assigned to a week long trial) and would be in touch when things chilled. Things had chilled and I was ready for Date #2. Robby got a bit nervous when the waitress asked for our IDs. I thought it was because he was so in love with me he couldn't see straight. Little did I know, he was afraid the waitress would blow his cover and reveal that it was his birthday!

I. Love. Birthdays.

Imagine how sad I was when I discovered that I had missed his?!

Happy Birthday my sweet Love. Thank you for sticking through my attempts to thwart your love. The end prize was certainly worth the hard work, huh? I love you bo-bo and wish we could head to the Mellow-Mushroom to make up for the first birthday!

*Updated* - I just had a fun birthday game idea. Inspired by Laurie's wish for a poem and Cara's most recent movie quote contest. Robby loves movies and is often caught quoting a movie that no one else recognizes and then giggling to himself. His goal is only to crack himself up. In our early relationship this caused some "misunderstandings" because he would say the wierdest/rudest/strangest/inappropriate things and than not let me know that we was ACTUALLY quoting something!

This morning it was:

"That must be hard for a professional killer, they must hear you coming."

Random movie - Survivors, Actor Quoted - Robbin Williams. What the hell he was talking about? Well, apparently Jerry Lewis's character has colitis and is a professional killer. Hilarious, right?! Uh, huh.

I have no idea what caused this quote to enter that man's head at that moment...but it was pretty funny to watch him giggle.

Anyway - so, leave us a quote and we'll try to guess the movie to which the quote belongs. I'll post our answers later this week. At that point you can clue us to the REAL answer.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A ball and a dream

So last week while in my home town I traveled to a LYS, New York Knits. This is a pretty good shop. Although, I do have to acknowledge how lucky we are in Boston. The city and its metro area are home to some of the finest stores I've been in: great selection, good people, and decent prices. New York Knits was pretty good. Having said that, I found that some of their yarns were well over retail.

I'm in the store wandering around picking up goodies and I'm BORED. What?! What has happened to our Bookish Girl?! Is she so jaded by knitting that she's lost her zest? Nah, I just have a pretty bad case of "short attention span syndrome." This leads me to the sale bin where I find some GGH Bali in Red, it was $2.50 a ball. I see Red. I see Red and think - RED SOX!

While the Boys of Red underwent the Fab Five Treatment (which, by the way, was pretty lame) I was to undergo some Socks of Red treatment. DPNS are already poking me in the ass. Alternative - 2 circs? Nah, too easy. What other way could their be?

Magic Loop! Dude me and my Denises are so there.

Can I just say that knitting socks on size 5's with worsted weightish yarn is way cool. I am fast as lightening. Faster than a southern boy makin' it with his sweetheart.


The booklet was relatively cheap, considering my LYS is offering a class for quite a bit more. The method itself is easy - peesey. I'm not one that usually learns well from a book (is that ironic?). This I had no problems with.

Note to self: do not uses Denises for this method in the future.

While I love them, Denises are a pain for the Magic Loop. You should use at least a 32" circ for premium manipulation. With the Denise this requires a join of two cords (what the heck are they called again?!), which is a bit cumbersome when pushing the knitted stitches from end to end.

Otherwise. I'm seeing Red. Sox.
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Monday, June 13, 2005

What the hay?!

Ms. Harlot's socks are travelling the continent basking in the glory of hiking, famous monuments and full adoration of the knitting masses. Margene's socks are frockling in the smell of a Herb Garden.

My sock. My sock is finished! Yippy. I was so excited to finish *one* sock that I actually wore it around the house. And to bed.

The morning came and this is where we found the sock:

Shed in a fit of passionate? or Too damn hot to wear socks in bed?

Ehem. Is my sock having more fun than theirs?! Or just leading a boring life stuffed in the end of a bed?
You decide!

That dirty sock.

ps - This IS the sock that suffered the torture by coffee. Here is a close up of the dye job. It doesn't bother me too much.

pps - Thank you for all of your words of support. I returned home to Boston last night and am back in the swing of life. Family Stuff is still there, but I am not.
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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hello, How are you, won't you tell me your name?

Alas. LIFE has reared the ugly part of its head these past few weeks. FAMILY STUFF has taken much of my time and has left me at a loss for bloggy words. I was thinking the other day, it's too bad the Internets isn't more PRIVATE. I feel as though we could all learn a lot from each other and hear words of support when it comes to dealing with FAMILY STUFF THAT CANNOT BE PUBLISHED ON THE INTERNETS.

All I really have to say is: Has anyone figured out how to drive a car and knit AT THE SAME TIME?! Because, really, all of this would be a lot easier to deal with if I had that kind of action in my world.

Don't worry...I'll be back soon with loads of knitting content. The only way to really handle FAMILY STUFF is to knit - a lot.

Knit a row for me...


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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

You can call me Al Wendy

Well, well, well...there are even more Wendys out there!

Check out these lovelies:

Brilliant Disguise

Double Diamond Fiber Farm

Knit Me More Time

And dear Wendy (who goes by Wenders) of Not Your Ordinary has created a Knitting Wendys Web Ring. Now that is some crazy fun. We need a button. I will put it on my list but if some other crazy Wendy (cause really, how can you see the name Wendy and not think "crazy") has the time or the inclination....feel free.

But does this Bookish Wendy ACTUALLY knit?

A resounding "HELL YA!" echoes from the peanut gallery.

Remember this... One is the loneliest number?

Lonely no more. The boot was originally created for the Gus man. The Gus man had out-grown the single bootie. So....I knitted up a second for the Neala Bean (who turns 8 weeks today!)

Look at the smile on this one....

Makes it all worth it, eh?
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