Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Champagne Caplet Dances the Night Away

So while we're on the wedding let's stick some knitting content in here. Above are snips of some wedding pics. Click on them and they'll open to a bigger window. Mind you, I look a bit goofy in all of them. The point was to show the shawl, not how cute I am!

About 2 months before the wedding I went to my knitting teacher and designer extraordinaire (Irena who owns Knits 'n Pieces in Newton, MA) and asked her to design something that I could wear to cover up a bit after the ceremony. The weather in Ithaca is touchy, even in the summer. Better safe than sorry.
I'm glad I did it. It was beautiful, it kept me warm, and it'll be something to pass down to the grandkids (which is a horrifying thought).

This is what she came up with! I call it the Champagne Caplet.
It was knit on size 11 needles with Austermann Cocktail Ribbon Yarn Color: 0006. It took at least 275 yards (5 skeins). I'm not sure what my gauge was. If you're interested inquire within and I will measure it.

The pattern is easy peasy...
Cast on 26 stiches. In stockinette stitch work in pattern *K8, P1, K8, P1, K8. Turn and purl across. Turn and follow pattern from * until you've got enough length. Before binding off drop P stiches to create web. Sew two sides together with loose stitches to mimic the dropped P stitch. Leave a hole for your head! Weave in ends. (**Disclaimer**: I've never written out a pattern before, can you tell?!)

I actually got my bridesmaid Marne to weave in my ends in the hour before the ceremony. What a trooper she is. I think she's forgiven me by now.
Fast! Easy! and Fun! Just how I like 'em!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the capelet is beautiful! i learned to knit from irina at knits and pieces.

beautiful work!



9/17/2004 2:26 PM  

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