Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Power of Visualization

Late nights at work all this week makes for few pictures. Husband Rob tried to capture the magic of Southwest Trading Company's Beyond in my Shapely Tank but it was too damn dark. I decided I'm not going to let that stop me.
Introducing...The Shapely Tank (visualize a textured cotton tank in a Rose colored cotton, back done, front almost there).

I've really enjoyed knitting this. I started it as part of a knit-along (my first) at
Circles. I was side tracked as the wedding approached and now I'm back on task. I have a few rows left before I begin increasing for the lovely ladies that reside on my chest. I like short rows. They're fun. They're used in this pattern at the bottom and at the bust. I'm not sure that they are all that necessary here. I think I'll "get it" once I've got it on.

Learning how to pick up the short row stitches with the regular stitches was a challenge for me. The pattern doesn't offer much in the way of direction. The front became the back after I tried 5 times without success. You could see the short row stitches. I hated it. I could get it to work on the knit side but not on the purl side (or was it vice-versa?). I had to go on without figuring it out because I was driving myself bonkers. A woman from my knit group, Kris, recommended
The Knitters Companion. It saved my Shapely Tank! This was definitely the kind of thing I needed to see with a visual representation. The front has beautiful increases along the bottom. I'll let you know how the increases up top look.

All of the trial and error obviously involved a lot of ripping. The Beyond is a bit splitty which made this a bit more difficult. I don't mind ripping... it's the picking up that drives me crazy. I found that a small crochet hook was the easiest way to get the wiley pesky stitches back on my needles. So far this is my only complaint with this yarn. Otherwise it's fun to work with.

I made the tank in the smallest size (36" Bust). However, because of my gauge I'm knitting the pattern at the 38" Bust. I'm not sure how this is going to fit. I'm concerned that it's going to be too big (again the gauge problem). However, I have confidence that what ever the end size of the pieces I can either seam them up so they fit (
a la Bonne Marie) or try shrinking them (the beauty of cotton).

Hopefully pictures soon...

I found
this site in the new Get Crafty book (the book isn't all that great). Yarn money going to a great cause....

Also, a very happy birthday to
Erin . Find your way over to her site and wish her a happy be-lated one (it was yesterday!).
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are too, too sweet. :>

I'm almost finished my first knitting project ever: a baby umbilical cord hat. So cute! I'm going to post a pic on LJ as soon as it's finished. :> Next project: a capelet, thanks to your pattern.

~ Erin

9/15/2004 8:01 PM  

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