Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Now with More Chocolate

I did some work on my side bar. I am now the proud owner of a Bookish Girl Button!

You can be too. Just save it on your own server, 'kay? Links are also updated. Yes, I know I have a
bloglines problem. I will go to every depth to procrastinate. In fact, as a freshman in college my roommate Emily (of yesterday's Birthday Fame) and I made a list of ways to procrastinate. Procrastinating procrastinating. Is that a disease?

Another finished object for you:

This is the seventh of eight. Yes, you read that right; I knit seven of these suckers. Way back when I was a naive and optimistic knitter I decided that I wanted to knit gifts for my bridesmaids. Well, I had an obscene number of bridesmaids. Our wedding was pretty casual. However, our wedding party was huge. It was awesome. All of my roommates from college surrounded me, along with my long time girl friends (first attached to one another when we were 12)! They Rock.

as if you haven't had enough of the wedding pictures....but ain't they beautiful?!

Anyway, my point is... the task proved more difficult than I had expected. I finished 6 of the 7 before the wedding. Two received yarn for a gift! As of last week, I've only got one to go!

Project Details

The pattern is free and can be seen
here. It's straightforward and easy. The Deco Ribbon is fun to knit with. The colors are great. I used the following (2 of each): Strawberry, Orange Crush, Lemonade, and Key Lime. While it was fun, I'm a wee bit sick of it. Go figure, seven bags and counting will do that do you.

Modifications: For the handle I choose to do a long cast and then immediately cast off. I hate I-cords. I just don't have the patience for pulling the stitches tight, and I ALWAYS get ladders. If I knit these again (which I won't because it would drive me to insanity) I would give the bags liners. The seed stitch is relatively dense but it's not dense enough to balance the elastic nature of the Deco Ribbon.

And now... just for
Jackie... this blog has added Chocolate:

These are Molly Pops. Has anyone been acquainted with a Molly Pop?

Chewy Molasses Peppermint Nougat on a stick covered with our rich Chocolate

They are awesome, truly incredible. The creator,
Oliver's, is located near my Grandma's house. These were my uncle's favorite treat. Growing up I always managed to snag one from him. Well, the heavens shine above me. There now an Oliver's near my parents’ house! Guess where I'm going over Thanksgiving? If you'd like to experience the pleasure, they can be ordered online.

ps - I'm not going to say this too loud...but did anyone else notice that when I added the "stupid Red Sox link" to my sidebar, they won? Reverse psychology...the link isn't going anywhere.

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Blogger Jackie said...

Oooh, Chocolate! Thank you! :) Those pops look to die for.

That's pretty ridiculous endurance, knitting 7 of the same bag. Props to you! That's true admiration from someone who's having trouble mustering the desire to knit a second mitten.

I didn't notice the Stupid Red Sox link (cough cough) and who cares because the Sox could never win two in the Bronx (cough cough). Stupid Red Sox.

(how's that?)

Off to check out the Oliver's link...


10/19/2004 12:46 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10/19/2004 9:13 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Wait? You mean there's a baseball game on tonight? Erm, no, I don't think so.

The chocolate looks so good that it made me giggle.

So, does 7 bags count as exxxtreme knitting? ;)

The wedding picture is terrific, btw. More is better.

I had my first Yucatan Taco's burrito tonight. That was so good it made me swear. You KNOW that's good. Thanks for telling me about them - my boyfriend is so excited he was saying things like "I can swing there after work" and "I can go there at lunch".

*There was a typo in my first post, hence the deletion. :)

10/19/2004 9:16 PM  

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