Saturday, November 12, 2005

The return of TTTT

I'll have you know that I have gotten nothing done since THE MAP came into my life. I have it bookmarked. I have it on my desktop. I. can't. stop. checking. it. So, for cryin in the beer - please go add your name so that I can at least have something to look at on the 80th check of the hour.

Kay, who is clearly as obsessed as I, has left some very handy directions for all of us to refer too. Wanna change your picture? No problem. See Kay. What to add your url? No problem See Kay. Kay, how in the world did you get the Frappr! map to reveal all of it's secrets? Secret Whiskey? Can you tell us, What is behind the lost vowel and the exclamation point? What is Frappr! trying to hide?

There is a script that I could use IF BLOGGER WOULD LET ME to show all of the pictures that have been posted to the map. BLOGGER DOESN'T like the script and won't allow it.

Stupid Blogger.

Did you know that The Bookish Girl has international readers?!

Does The Bookish Girl actually knit?

Why yes-


and Done.

It's a bit big. And it is entirely the wrong season for such shenanananangins. Overall a great pattern (Tivoli when I did it Picovoli now), fab yarn (Cotton Fleece), a fun knit. First time doing the top down thing and I must say - it is a very satisfying technique that I will surely seek out in the future. I put a crochet edge on this purple number to curb the curl. Courtesy of my favorite over-due library book The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques (yes, I STILL have this out. Will you bail me out when they through me in the slammer?!)

The size? Yes, I swatched. Further proof that swatches lie. I think part of the problem is the weight of the fabric. We're not talking Macho-Man Randy Savage weight here. (As a side note, did anyone notice the name of that url? Cool dudes and hot babes?! I looked and looked but The Bookish Girl was no where to be found.) However, it's hard to escape your genes. This yarn is primarily cotton and there is some stretching from its weight. I believe that is where some of the extra fabric comes from.

Bettcha thought I abandoned this one, huh? No chance.
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Blogger Gina said...

Very cool photo. Love the evidence of knitting.

11/13/2005 1:13 AM  
Anonymous Bettina said...

Very very cute!

11/13/2005 3:56 AM  
Blogger ann said...

you just know that Kay has some special whiskey! I bet she's a killer at beer pong too.

11/13/2005 7:47 AM  
Anonymous Carole said...

Dude, you really ought to return that library book. We librarians take these things rather seriously. ;-)

11/13/2005 8:01 AM  
Anonymous Cara-ISH said...

Oh my god - library book hell is where I'm going. And let me tell you, there's a special place for librarians who don't return library books. I've had my privileges revoked in two freaking counties. I'm so awful. G is really upset about it too.

Anyway, enough about me! Tivolie or Spiccoli or whatever it's called looks very cute. Did you like Cotton Fleece overall? I'm thinking this might be good for kid knits.

Oh and damn you for this map shit. If I end up with one on my site I'm holding you personally responsible. I have way too much work to do to waste any more time!

11/13/2005 9:50 AM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

Looks very cute :) I've had a few overdue book in my day!

11/13/2005 2:31 PM  
Blogger La Donna said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I too have no idea how to just email you to respond, thanks to weirdo blogger. I really enjoy yours, too. And the new top looks great!

11/13/2005 6:21 PM  
Blogger claudia said...

I don't think neccesity is a defense to larceny, but I'd be willing to try it for ya.

11/13/2005 7:23 PM  
Blogger Micky said...

They obviously understand that you are a knitter and CAN'T take it back.
Thanks for all the map business. I have one and have added myself to yours and two others already. You have spread it! Thanks for tagging mine!

11/13/2005 7:35 PM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Congrats on a successful knit! Tivoli looks great!

11/14/2005 1:03 AM  
Anonymous Kay said...

The Hot Babes site is more messed up than Frappr. (I looked for my picture to no avail.)

Frappr, Frappr. It's so beta. There is kind of an FAQ thing that I found on the site, whence come all my tips. HOWEVER, when you add information to your initial entry, it just adds it on, causing people to repeat themselves. Which they don't seem to like. Let's remember that Frappr is 3 college boys. If they all get dates at the same time, the development of Frappr is seriously delayed. xoxo Kay

11/14/2005 9:16 AM  
Blogger Dani said...

Oh that looks perfect on you! Hey man, that can get lots of wear now.. with all these 60 degree days we are having... Try a zip up over it and you are set :) Oh, the mapper... man, if I started in on that, I would be obsessed too, which is why I am staying away from setting one up myself. I'll head over and see what you got though :)

11/14/2005 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Colleen said...

Hey, the Tivoli looks great. You'll pull it out when the weather gets warm and be ready for spring.

11/14/2005 9:05 PM  
Anonymous margaux said...

Love the tivoli! I might try it with some cotton fleece I have in my stash :-) That map would seriously add to my ADD. Love your blog!

11/15/2005 9:04 AM  
Blogger Lorette said...

Oh crap. First you get me hooked on Sudoku, now on Frappr. Where, I ask, am I going to find time to knit with all this?
That sweater is very cute! Girl, you are going to piss off the librarians very seriously if you don't take that book back. It's my favorite knitting book, by the way.

11/15/2005 10:56 AM  
Anonymous allison said...

Cute! You're making me want to knit myself one!

11/15/2005 8:12 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

Your Tivoli looks great! Mine (in KnitPicks Shine) was a little roomy too. I didn't trust Grumperina when she said to use two inches of negative ease!

11/22/2005 2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Tivoli looks so good! It inspired me to buy the yarn so I can make one for myself!

11/23/2005 10:42 AM  

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