Friday, October 22, 2004

Please bear Witness...

The notebook

I made the stitch gauge on the swatch after blocking. It grew a stitch and a row, which means I didn't make row gauge. I'm only off by a bit there and I'm not going to worry about it. This gauge will be mine, I will create a sweater that fits. Oh yes, I will.

I cast on last night and the 1st sleeve of Banff is on its way. I learned how to purl two together through the backloop (p2tog tbl in my pattern). I first looked in by books...the drawings suck (I NEED a visual, words don't cut it). I then went to google. The
first thing I found was awesome and I "got it" right away. Wendy Knits just so happens to have a picture of purling through the back loop on today's entry. Kismet!

I'm a bit loose on this kind of decrease and I'm not sure that it's perfectly right. I get a bar over the stitches on the Right Side of the sleeve. I don't like that there is no bar on the right hand side at the decreases. (Right Side (RS), right hand side...get it? No wonder patterns are so hard to understand sometimes!). I wish I could put up a picture for approval. No camera right now. I'm going to check out the Banff along peeps to see what I can find. **Update: During lunch time knitting I realized that the bar is on the Wrong Side of the sleeve. This is good. It'll be hidden when it's all said and done.**

Go Sox!
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