Monday, November 01, 2004

The Convergence of Superheroes

As you may remember Robby and I planned to have a Halloween Party.

This party was to serve a few functions:
1) to celebrate Halloween
2) to motivate us to finish painting and unpacking the boxes (we moved a year ago!)
3) to warm our new house (a la housewarming)
4) to give me something to plan in the post-wedding planning lull of boredom.

A few things we didn't count on:
1) me taking on lots of Christmas Knit projects
2) the Red Sox going to the World Series
3) the Red Sox winning the World Series
4) did I mention the World Series?!

These four seemingly benign details managed to throw all Halloween Party planning into a whirlwind two day affair. This is not how I do things. I plan, and plan, and plan some more. I am way too much of a control freak to swing everything in such a short amount of time. Not to mention the fact that we had loads of people coming to our house for the first time expecting food and fun. Yikes.

Enter Super Duper and Super Star. Emily and Kourtney, fabulous friends from college who came into town for the weekend extravaganza. Enter Super Freak and Reverse Flash (the slowest man in the world). My adult sized nephew (how a young bird like me gets a hunk of a nephew like this is a mystery of the universe) and my dear husband.

This motley crew pulled it off. I took the day off of work Friday to clean the house (mostly to clean the room the cats reside in.) Wow. Did that take a lot longer than it was supposed to. Luckily
fatty was off at the groomers getting his ass shaved (for real, no joke there...that story is for another day.) Kumar, who I have yet to introduce to blogland, presided over the scrubbing of his domain with reckless joy. He is a clean, clean, clean cat.

He wishes he could say the same for his ever loving brother.

All parties were present and accounted for Friday night. Flights arrived, cars pulled in, and we were ready to go for the next day. We woke late (it WAS a Saturday for crying out loud) and commenced the cooking. The cooking went on and on. We commandeered my neighbor’s oven. We mixed, diced, sliced, wrapped, fried, boiled and baked our brains out. The girls were maniacs. The boys sat in the grocery store with cell phone in hand awaiting our next demand with baited breath. My mom was on speed dial for the emergency word of advice. It was the work of gods and goddesses.

For posterity’s sake (and so I can marvel at the feat we pulled off) this is what we made:
- Corn and Potato Chowder
- Vegetable Soup
- Crudités with Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Dip
- Asparagus Spears with Tarragon Dip
- Baked Brie
- Roasted Chicken Sandwiches with pesto, goat cheese, and roasted red peppers
- Hummus
- Fresh Baked Cracked Wheat Bread
- Toffee Chip Bars
- Prosciutto Wrapped Shiitake Frittata
- Feta Cheese Tortillas
- Pumpkin Pie
- Cupcakes

… and more.

Seven hours later we were all dressed and ready to meet and greet our guests.

I dressed up as The Bookish Girl "Saving the World with Literacy". This is the only picture I have of my costume. The greatest thing is that I couldn't even take off my real glasses...the nerd in me was full force. I intended to make arm cuffs with the names of all the books that you all listed as "books to sell". I also intended to knit a
Hallowig. I ran out of time on both accounts. I am delusional but at some point reality was bound to catch up.

Everyone's costumes were great we had a fabulous time. There are a ton of pictures here if you'd like to see some of the costumes. People were asked to come as superheroes (either real or made up.) The creativity was pretty amazing (Jesus was there...because really, who is more super than Jesus?!).

The dogs were even dressed up and were in severe hangover mode on Sunday.

They managed to eat an entire plate of the prosciutto wraps and snagged a few toffee chip bars. Not a good scene. Poor little sneaky greedy things.

We were all sore and full by the end of the night. Marathon cooking is hard on the body. Sunday was spent on the heating pad. Today I almost have full mobility of the neck and head. Tomorrow I'll be bored again. Thank God for knitting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a great time, Wendy! I'm sorry we arrived soooo late. But the food was yummy and the company even better! And you looked so adorable! You are in regular clothes, too, though. :>

~ Erin

11/01/2004 1:56 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

I was thinking of you guys and wondering how the party went - sounds like it was aces.

I had a dinner party a few months ago in order to get myself to finish packing. And I had to take a day off work. And I was crazy with the list making. ;)

Yep - I am still planning on going to the potluck. What time are you going and what are you planning to bring?

11/01/2004 3:25 PM  

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