Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Excuse me while I wipe the eye boogers out of my eyes

I am beat.

I've been running on empty for a few weeks now. Which means I'm running on negative empty at this point. Last night was the topper on the cake. I stayed out until 11:30 on a school night. Whew. Call in the adult police and give me a ticket for irresponsible behavior. I'm crazy I tell you.

Elisa had Keiko and me over for some tasty soup and salad. We got to eating, knitting, and talking. Before I knew it I was stumbling to my car, turning it on, and getting my first peek at a clock in 4 hours. Sorry Elisa! I had no idea it was that late. But, damn did I ever have a good time. It was good company and we sorely missed Jackie who apparently was in desperate need of a shower.

I cast on for a pair of fingerless gloves for my brother. I had abandoned the idea that somehow, in addition to my other crafty projects, I was going to knit a long cablely scarf for him. I figured fingerless gloves would be just the ticket. The yarn that I got, which I love (and is not in front of me right now, I'll update it later), knits up at 10 sts per inch. After much befuddled confusion trying to figure out how many stitches to cast on I realized that this wasn't going to be a quick knit project. Alas, they will just have to be for me. Poor me.

Thanksgiving was filled with lots of thanks and some giving. The highlights included:

1 - A sweet "family" moment during T-day dinner. In addition to my immediate family and grandmother, my aunts, uncles, and cousins were all in attendance. Oh, and the dogs. There were five dogs there.

2 - Yarn Stores. Okay there was only one, the other was closed (still biter.) It was a great one (Spirit Work Knitting and Design) and there was coffee and couches which perfectly fit the asses of my father and husband while my sister, mom, and I ohhh'd and ahhh'd over the fun.

3- Teaching my sister to knit, she's going to be a maniac.

4 - The Polar Express movie in 3-D at the IMAX. It was my first 3-D movie and I loved it.

5 - Purchasing Molly Pops and proceeding to eat three of them in a row. Yum.

6 - Eating a homemade fabulous meal orchestrated by my brother. Who the hell knew he could cook?!

7 - Sending Rob into a room filled with hundreds of guitars and watching his eyes swim.

8 - Seeing lots of men with big hair, tight jeans, and pointy boots at that same place. Man, it was like being in the 80s. Some of them even wore make-up and THEY WEREN'T PLAYING DRESS UP.

9 - The fact that the yarn store and the guitar store are STEPS from one another!

10 - Spending every minute of four days with my wonderful Husband who gives really good massages that don't ever render me unable to walk straight.

11 - Sleeping in, there was lots of sleeping in!

There really isn't any exciting knitting news. Flogging away at the Christmas gift list. Almost there.... one gift finished, four in progress.

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Blogger Elisa said...

Banff! Banff! Banff! You're supposed to tell us about the yarn for Banff! ;)

I had a great time last night, too - I can't wait to do it again (when we can also have a showered Jackie in attendance).

I'm going to undo the shoulder seams for the cowl sweater tonight, undo the BO so that I can do the three needle bind off instead and then I'm going to block the holy hell out of it. Thanks for the encouragement!

11/30/2004 10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the title of this post should go down in history as one of the greatest post titles ever! It made me laugh. :)

I'd love to knit with you sometime, Wendy - just with you or with your group of knitting blogger friends! Do you meet regularly? In/around the city?

~ Erin

11/30/2004 11:55 AM  

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