Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Little Consideration Please

It's days like today that I wonder, WHY THE HELL DON'T YOU PEOPLE UPDATE YOUR BLOGS MORE OFTEN?! I mean, once a day is not enough. And those of you who limit yourself to a few days a week, how do you expect me to pass the long hours of unmotivated time at my computer?! Have some consideration people.

In case you were not aware (I most certainly was not) Christmas is in three weekends. Yes, I measure my time in weekends. This and the previous paragraph should give you some idea of how much I'm enjoying my job lately. I will wisely digress. It is a small, small world. And yes, if you look at a calendar you will see that there are actually five weekends until Christmas. This weekend does not count. What kind of horrible family member would actually work on a gift in front of the recipients face? Why, I would. However, I will not "count" the time spent.

Let's talk knit gifts. I have the following things to complete:

1. Mom's caplet (25% done)
2. Dad's scarf (1/8 done...someone stole my calculator and I'm too sick and tired to figure out the percentage. Yes, I am a scientist and no I don't know my alphabet unless I recite it in my head first. So what makes you think that I would know the percentage of 1/8?)
3. Sister's Banff (85% done. There is a story in this epic sweater...it's stuck on my computer at home, it will be liberated and the truth will be told)
4. Brother's something (hat or scarf...haven't decided yet. Which logically means that 0% is done.)
5. G-ma's scarf (85% done)

I'm also going to get a bit crafty and rewrap some homemade soap. Make some wire angels. Write our wedding Thank you cards (yes, I know..these should have been done a long time ago.) Write Christmas Cards. And knit up a few Christmas Dishcloths for packaging the soap. Oh, I also want to learn to make bath bombs.

I think I've figured out why I'm unmotivated at work. There is no more of me to go around. Tapped out I tell ya!

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Blogger melanie said...

I am SOOOO with you on needing more blog updates. Wait a minute, I'm one of those people who only updates 2-3 times a week. I'm sorry. It's not that I don't love you or even that I don't have the time. It's that I just don't have that much to say!

If you can get all that stuff you listed done by Christmas I will be tres impressed! Good luck!

11/23/2004 1:41 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Dude - no problem. You'll get everything done that you need to. I just think the big problem is having to work for a living. Your list of things to knit for Christmas has now inspired me to go home, look at my spreadsheet (you and Jackie thought you were the only ones, hmm?) and post what's left to knit. I'm feeling a little queasy now...

11/23/2004 2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude - I am so sorry. It's been hectic lately. I will post tomorrow - just for you! I do read your blog EVERY DAY, and am impressed just how much new material you have all the time. :)

You are Super Knitter Girl. That will be your Halloween costume next year.

~ Erin

11/23/2004 5:31 PM  
Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Bath boms are great gifts, and pretty easy to make!! If you need some sites with easy to follow instrucitons, let me know, I can direct you to a few.

11/23/2004 9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your are just hilarious!

11/24/2004 3:35 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

Totally with you on the not-updating thing... it kills me... I try to update once a day, and it drives me batty when people update twice a month.

oh, and 12.5%

12/01/2004 8:35 AM  
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