Monday, November 15, 2004

Lockerbie Squashed Derrida

Two sites that are amusing me right now.

The first (found via
lyc fyi) is 10X10.

This site takes the most popular images from three RSS news feeds (NYT, BBC, Reuters) and puts them together into a postcard format. The most popular is in the upper left hand corner, least popular in the lower right hand corner. Words are also ranked to go with the images. It's a very interesting snapshot into our hourly news. Lots o' pictures of Arafat right now and war. Lots o' war. I wonder if there would ever be a day where only flowers were pictured, or puppies, or babies smiling. There I go again, being fuzzy again (sorry JKC, it's like a disease or something :) ).

The second site, I found via the 10x10 site. This is even more fun.
Word count: Tracking the way we use Language.

WordCountâ„¢ is an artistic experiment in the way we use language. It presents the 86,800 most frequently used English words, ranked in order of commonality. Each word is scaled to reflect its frequency relative to the words that precede and follow it, giving a visual barometer of relevance. The larger the word, the more we use it. The smaller the word, the more uncommon it is.

The first word I scrolled to - Number 28,897 - FART. Hmmm, only 28,897? They obviously haven't been monitoring my language. The most common word? THE. Not surprised there. My name is listed! Number 8,453, my name is more popular than Arafat's.

Other amusing combinations of words:

Lockerbie squashed Derrida Tubular
(numbers 17,070- 17,071- 17,072- 17,073). What is the state of our society if Derrida is more popular than fart? Uneducated masses my arse. You also have to admit that it is somewhat ironic that his name appears on a web site that deals with language? Tubular dude.

Narrowest Withers Sobered
(numbers 33,138- 33,139- 33,140) This just makes me laugh, I can't even crack a joke about it. It's just plain funny.

Texas Erected Colitis
(numbers 7,031- 7,032- 7,033) Now, is it okay to equate colitis with our president? I think this combination endorses it.

Did you know W is a word?
Yup, number 2,571.
It follows Liability. Speaks volumes I say, speaks volumes. I'll just leave it at that.

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Blogger Elisa said...

Dude, your brain functions way too fast in the morning. I'm reading your post thinking "maybe I need to read this later. where's the coffee?".

Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to checking out the sites you linked to when I've got a little free time.

Oh, and can I tell you how excited I am about Saturday? Woot!

Sorry about the Browns, too. I was really hoping they'd pull it off against Pittsburgh. I'm really scared of Pittsburgh...

Have a great day!

11/15/2004 10:13 AM  
Blogger Elisa said...

You bet I'll show you the kitchener stitch. We can do it Saturday after the Stupid Snow Goose. :)

11/15/2004 10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post, Wendy! I love it when random words come together and spell out cryptic insights. It's a bit like that magnetic poetry on fridges everywhere. :>

~ Erin

11/15/2004 5:00 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Hey Wendy!

Good links! Maybe I'm being corrupted by the soft and fuzzy people, because I thought the same things about the war pics vs. the flowers and bunnies. Maybe fuzzy comes from working with wool?? It could tie into the whole cold weather thing too.....

I can't wait to see what good things are coming in your knitting progress! And of course, I'm very much looking forward to Saturday :) I might have to jump on the Kitchener Stitch bandwagon.


11/16/2004 1:05 PM  

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