Thursday, November 04, 2004


I'm still trying to process the election results and the after-talk. In the meantime entertain yourself with some books to help you get through the next four years (via bookslut.) Someday I'll figure out how I'm feeling and I'll post it here. Otherwise, you'll catch me working on getting my demographic to vote.

I just received this via email and it made me smile. Yes, I know it's a generalization, yes I know that NOT everyone in the Red States are part of the religious right, yes I know that not all those in the Blue States voted for Kerry, yes I know that believing in Jesus doesn't make you a Bush supporter, yes I know, yes I know. I happen to like Jesus and I believe he was a democrat. But I digress, this is funny it made me is a joke. For crying out loud don't get all up in my shizznizz (like some commenters on
Kerstin's blog) for trying to find humor in what I find to be a very dismaying situation. I mean really - if you get too upset exercise your finger and click off the blog or comment, educate me, educate yourself. We're all here to learn and discover new things...not legislate behaviors and/or force beliefs on others.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also got this over e-mail, Wendy, and I thought it was hilarious, too. No need to apologize or feel ashamed. What people have done in the name of Jesus all over the world would have mortified him. I think the same applies here.

~ Erin

11/04/2004 7:02 PM  

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