Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Support the Environment Plant Bush In Texas

Support the Environment, Plant

In Texas

First things first, VOTE! You are an observer in most of this country's affairs. You listen, read, and watch and 99% of the time you have little voice. Here is your opportunity. Use your voice dammit and VOTE! I don't care if your State is already leaning one way or another. Use your voice. People have died for it. I don't care if your undecided. Pick a topic that is important to you, say the environment, do a bit of googling, look at the records of the candidates and VOTE!

If you know you have registered and you're not listed at your polling place you can still vote - it's the law. First, make sure you are at the correct location. Call 1-800-OURVOTE to check. If you're at the correct location you have a right to a provisional ballet.
Check here for Individual State requirements.(information via Taegan Goddard's Political Wire.)

In the midst of all of the Polling and Theorizing your bound to get overwhelmed. Decompress and spend some time on an issue that really matters.
Presidential Hair.

Also, the
History Channel shows a very funny side of the election process with HOW THEY WON: 7 Secrets to Winning the Presidency. The hour long documentary is hosted by Mo Rocca. Here are the secrets (taken from a History Channel Press Release.)

* Be the Common Man: How do you convince people you're someone you're not,
especially when you come from a privileged background? George H.W.
Bush munched on pork rinds. Bill Clinton jogged. To seem like the
common man, candidates try to eat, exercise and drink like common men,
despite their elite backgrounds. Mo shows Bush and Kerry how to
overcome their fatcat handicaps.

* Have a Ne'er Do Well Brother: Billy Carter. Roger Clinton. Donald
Nixon. Having an eccentric in the family makes candidates appear
smarter, more human, and able to weather a crisis. Are there black
sheep siblings in the Bush and Kerry clans who can inadvertently help
their more accomplished brothers out?

* Pick a Presidential Pooch: Only two (we have it that only ONE president
did not have a pet) presidents didn't have pets. John Quincy Adams had
an alligator, and all but five presidents had man's best friend. What
makes a pooch presidential? Mo heads to the American Kennel Club dog
show where he pits a Scottish Terrier (Bush's breed of dog) against a
German Shepard (Kerry's) in a "Canine Good Citizen Test" to determine
which breed is better suited for the White House and which one belongs
in the dog house.

* Better Hair Matters: Does it matter if a president has a full head of
hair? You bet. Only five elected (Ford was bald but not elected)
presidents have been bald-and only one in the last century (Eisenhower).
"Hair Part Theorists" John and Catherine Walter claim that the side on
which hair is parted emphasizes activity in the brain-presidents with
hair parted on the left (18 presidents) signify strength; while those
with hair parted on the right (6 presidents) may be too sensitive. Mo
meets with image consultant Beryl Wing for candidate hair care tips.

* Mudslinging 101: Think those swift boat commercials are too negative?
In 1828, John Quincy Adams called Andrew Jackson's mother a whore.
Fear factor tactics have been used since the election of 1800, when
Thomas Jefferson was accused of being an atheist and John Adams a
monarchist. Television has made the effectiveness of negative ads all
the more persuasive. Aided by GOP pollster Frank Luntz, Mo puts
together a hilarious 1908 TV attack ad blasting William Howard Taft
using the techniques perfected in the trade today.

* Have a Great Theme Song: Today, candidates rely on pop songs as
campaign theme songs, but as recently as the 1980s, songs were written
specifically for candidates. Folksinger Oscar Brand performs excerpts
from songs like "I'm Just Wild about Harry" (Harry Truman), 1824's
"Little Know Ye Who's Coming" (a John Quincy Adams song foretelling an
ominous future if he wasn't elected) and other presidential theme songs
that attempted to use music to reinforce positive images.

* Have a Lot of Money: The key word here is "money."

One Last Thing - VOTE!

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