Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ahh, lovely Culina

Okay, now that we've gotten the whole rant thing out of the way we can get down to bizzness.

Meet Culina....

Isn't she lovely? I found her at
Home Goods for a mere $9.99. I snatched her up and planned on using her for my soap making adventures. Little did she know that she would be pressed into service for another worthy cause.

Like knitting. She is perfect for knitting. We have the following scenario:
1) The label listed yardage for the Araucania Nature Wool has been called into question.
I am a total moron and failed to buy enough yarn for Banff (this is I did without the help of the misleading label.)
3) The Banff pattern does not have the breakdown of yardage by piece. You never see the yardage by piece in a pattern, why is this?!
4) One sleeve is knit, another on the needles almost completed.

So, how does one figure out if she's going to have enough yarn?
Julia, Margene, and KLV offered great advice. Thank you ladies. I never even thought of looking at the comments in posts about Banff...genius. In the end I was still left with my question. I'm not exactly on pattern gauge and I substituted yarn, will I have enough?!

Aside from just knitting it up and holding my breath there aren't many options. Culina to the rescue. I am a scientist. I love to weigh things, count things, and statitize things (is that a word?!). I'm not sure where this is going to lead, the suspense is killing me.

A finished Banff Sleeve

Time to Weigh it up (
scale reads: 150 grams)

A skein of Araucania Nature Wool steps up to the plate (
scale reads: 100 grams, hey! the label weight is correct....)

So, it takes a skein and a half to complete one sleeve of Ms. Banff. Unfortunately the needles are still in my other sleeve. Does anyone know the weight of Clover US Size 10 24" Circular Needles? If you do, you are a big nerd like me and you must be my soul mate (sorry Robby). I should finish the sleeve tonight and will rush to weigh them and report tomorrow.

Back to the question at hand, does this help me figure out how much is needed for the back and front pieces?! Stay tuned for math, spreadsheets, and calculator fun. I know your boiling over with excitement. Humor me here....nerds need love too.

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