Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Besot [v. bih-SOT]
If something besots you, then it has either inspired you with overwhelming love or it has made you stupid and muddled, as if you are drunk. Example: "How could I have known, on that glorious morning, that the lovely Lorelei would so besot me?"
Someone who is besotted might be called "drunk with love," but originally the sense was more of being just plain drunk. The word comes from the obsolete English sot (a habitual drunkard), from Old English sott (to stupefy; a fool or a drunkard). The earlier source was probably Old French sot (foolish).
The transitive prefix be- was added by the mid 1500s, by which time the word had acquired the sense of love-drunkenness and the phrase "besotted lovers" entered English literature.
(definition copied from Philoman's Home Page of Cool Words)

I'm making a
Besotted Scarf for my Daddy-o for Christmas (are you still out there reading Dad? If so, you're going to ruin Christmas for everyone if you read the rest of this post. ;) )

I'm not sure that this scarf has inspired me with overwhelming love, but it certainly is a fun knit. I'm guessing it's called Besotted because of the X O pattern made by the cable combination. Kisses and Hugs. All good things for a Dad!

The yarn is super rough on my hands. I'm using
Reynolds Turnberry Tweed that I got half price at a Snow Goose sale a few weeks ago. I am hoping that it will soften a bit with a washing. I have a feeling it will. Does anyone have any experience with this yarn? A rough scarf isn't too good for the face. Dad does love wool so I'm not too worried about it. This is my progress as of Sunday (my camera can't catch the cables):

I've since completed 3 or 4 more pattern repeats and discovered that I missed a cable in the beginning. The first "circle" is twice the size of the others. No worries...I'll just make the last circle the same size and it will be a style element! Gotta love the style element.

I missed my train to work yesterday and had to sit and wait for another one (45 minutes! argh, grumble, bad Monday.) I was thankful to have my knitting with me, not too thankful for the large smelly homeless man next to me trying to guess what I was making. "A Sweater?", "A Blanket?", "Is it for a Baby?", "Are you pregnant?" To add insult to injury I realized I had forgotten my cable needle. Bah. I tried to figure out how to do it without one...no luck. It did inspire me to look it up and learn.
Wendy Knits comes to the rescue. I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of the no needle method. It seems to be a bit more difficult only because my stitches are so tight. I suppose I need to loosen up a bit eh? It wouldn't be the first time that I've reached that conclusion.

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Blogger melanie said...

Hi there! Yes, I am an occasional Circles girl, but live too far for it to be routine. I was also going to try Wendy's cables with no needle approach on my here and there cables scarf, but (just as you did) figured my knitting was too tight for it.

Thanks for the cool definition of besotted - I love words like that. By the way, I've been meaning to tell you how much I love the Dork underwear tagline. Where can I get a pair of those?? I am besotted by the dorks! Or is it 'with' the dorks?

11/09/2004 11:48 AM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Is that one of the patterns that you mentioned on Saturday? It is really lovely, and I am sure that Mike wouldn't mind having two scarves (I started one for him on Sunday). ;)

I stopped KIP at the JFK/UMass stop because there were always people (read crazy people) who wanted to ask a million questions about what I was knitting. Commuting in Boston is always interesting...

11/09/2004 12:57 PM  
Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

Melanie - I never give away my secrets ;) I'm not sure where they came from, they were a gift. I can't seem to find them on the web. I did find a pj set: http://www.pajamamania.com/product2247.html. The brand name is David & Goliath.

Elisa - Yes! It is the pattern I was talking about. Cables are super easy...I'll show you when we figure out a time to meet up!

11/09/2004 1:08 PM  

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