Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day 6

I'm still on Jury Duty.
Tomorrow I enter Day 6.

I'm hoping that it's the last day but I am not counting on it. This has been an interesting week, to say the least. One sweater sleeve done and one sock. I was able to sneak a few stitches in during breaks etc. and my jury peers do not mind if I knit while we deliberate. Yay!

Thank you for all your fun comments to my last post. Cynthia, I did not REALLY bring the bottles with me to the Jury selection process - you goober.

In spite of the tone of my last email, I actually do not mind serving or getting called to come in...it is just that I seem to get called at super inconvenient times. But, really - when is it EVER convenient to check out of your real life for over a week without any advanced warning?

If you have emailed or left me a message - I'm sorry not to get back to you I will hopefully be back in full force towards the end of this week. And then next week I am off to travel to two very special events.

It's true.

Once again I get to see the blue denim stained fingers of my very favorite
Kay, I get to meet the other Ann, see my ann, and see Cara's dust bunnies up close and personal.

In the meantime - you check out Lorette. How damn freaking cute is she? I have totally got to order one of my own shirts!

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Blogger Chris said...

At least you have next week to sustain you through this one, right?

3/28/2006 10:05 PM  
Blogger Carole said...

Have a blast in New York!

3/28/2006 10:16 PM  
Blogger CynCyn said...

Well, I bet if you HAD taken the bottles, you wouldn't have gotten chosen for jury duty!
Have a great time in NYC. I have a great Thai restaurant recommendation if you want it.

3/28/2006 10:20 PM  
Anonymous Cara - the fourth C in a row said...

I was going to call you tonight - much to talk about with you. Good luck with the jury duty thing. Hang 'em HIGH!

3/28/2006 11:23 PM  
Blogger EvaLux said...

Wow... sounds like that jury duty thing is not mucht fun... As we don't have that over here I was wondering... does your boss pay you while you are on jury duty? Or do you get paid a fee by the state while on jury duty?

Hope that you'll be "released" soon and that you'll have lots of fun on your trip!!!

Cheers Eva

3/29/2006 3:07 AM  
Blogger ann said...

I love that you called me your ann!

3/29/2006 7:40 AM  
Anonymous anne with an e said...

all those ann's - no e's. so sad.

have a blast, dude! and speaking of shirts, whatever happened to the team boston shirts? did they not hold up?

3/29/2006 10:04 AM  
Anonymous Bonnie said...

Jury duty......I never got picked because my previous job I worked with lawyers and judges in the county on programs and continuing education.

My fav jury duty story is about my friend who worked for the post office. The potential jurors were asked who owned a gun. Everyone but her raised her hand. She laughed and said "but I work for the Post Office, I should be the one with the gun." Despite this, she got picked!

3/29/2006 12:17 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

How cool to see someone in YOUR shirt! Can't wait to see you in one :)

3/29/2006 1:08 PM  
Blogger Lorette said...

Go BUY a shirt already! You know you want one!

3/30/2006 12:33 PM  
Blogger Knitting Painter Woman said...

Probably less inconvenient to be on a jury than to have a major crime happen to you. I believe you are one of the few people that I think would BE a peer... should I need a jury. Happy knitting.

4/01/2006 2:21 AM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

Here's to fast (and fair) deliberations. Thank goodness for knitting!

4/01/2006 5:05 PM  
Blogger Dani said...

Oh man, I have jury duty in a couple of months... good luck with the rest of it! Get some good reading and knitting done if you can :)

4/04/2006 10:02 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Well, jury duty sucks, but as a criminal defense attorney - we can't live without you. If it makes you feel any better, I've been called 3x in the last 5 years, and I actually got picked to sit on a civil trial, which thankfully settled. Because if there's anything duller than a criminal case, it's a civil case.

At least you got some quality knitting done!


4/04/2006 10:54 AM  
Blogger krisknits2 said...

I just stumbled across you blog today and really enjoyed it. Hopefully the trial will be speedy.

4/09/2006 10:18 PM  

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