Thursday, September 30, 2004

File Under: Too much information

In this installment of "I Wore Men's Underwear to Work"....

My brother-in-law works for Fruit of the Loom. We get a lot of underwear for Christmas. It's nice, if not a bit awkward. My husband received a set of adult sized Superhero under-roos for Christmas last year. Who knew they even existed? Well, we are now the proud owners of a Superman t-shirt and the matching flaming red briefs.
I also received flaming read undies, a female version in a "boy short" style. Now, my husband doesn't wear briefs.
That, coupled with the fact that both garments are flaming red, led to their stay in the bottom of our laundry basket for TEN MONTHS.

TEN MONTHS? Are we horrible housekeepers or do we have an obscene amount of underwear to hold us over? Neither. We were simply without a washing machine for those TEN MONTHS. Good God, can you imagine a worse kind of hell? But I digress. We weren't willing to shlep these measly pairs off to the laundromat and then proceed to pay a butt load of money to wash them. So in the basket they remained.

Ahh, a new washer comes home to us.
We are back in the laundry business. I wash away. A single load of red clothing is laundered and returned to their proper drawer homes. Or so I thought....da dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnnn .

This past Wednesday I woke up to another day of rainy cold miserableness. I decided that I needed a little spark in my day. This could be accomplished by donning a pair of flaming red women's "boy short" underwear. I dress in the dark of my bedroom and then negotiate my way to work with an unlikely kick in my step. Soon after arriving I take my first bathroom break.

Ekkk...I'm wearing my husband's red Superman briefs.

Embarrassed? Me?

Nah, I just zip up, giggle a whole bunch, and spend the rest of the day saving the world.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bookish Girl! Wearing red underpants and bringing literacy everywhere she goes!


~ Erin

9/30/2004 3:58 PM  
Blogger Soulknitting said...

You made my morning cup of coffee FUN!! Woo Whooo!! Red Superman Adult undeees. Tooooooo funny.

Concerning your 'finished' items, do you have a picture and a link for your SpiderWeb Poncho? It sounds interesting.

Thanks for the giggles

10/01/2004 9:38 AM  
Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

I'll hopefully be able to post about that this week. It was a fun and easy knit. I'm not sure where the pattern came from. A friend dictated it over the phone! I'll check in with her for the details.

10/04/2004 10:28 AM  

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