Thursday, September 23, 2004

Have you seen this? An article in today's Christian Science Monitor. Courtesy of Bookslut. Nothing like starting your day off with a little bit of outrage! How in the world does this kind of thing happen without major backlash?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crazy. It's interesting that this man and Yusuf Islam (aka: cat Stevens) can't come into our country with their views of peace and with no known terrorism ties, but 19 known terrorists were let in, took flight lessons (where they invoked suspicion when they expressed no interest in knowing how to land), and were able to come and go freely.

Makes you think the real rotten eggs are let into the country on purpose. I can think of at least one Rotten W. Egg that should be deported today.

~ Erin

9/23/2004 2:39 PM  

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