Thursday, December 02, 2004

Gotta work off the sugar headache...

1. I’m not a joiner but Elisa inspired me this morning.
2. This is the second 100 list that I’ve done, the first was done this past summer.
3. I am very interested to see how they compare.
4. I have a horrible sugar headache this morning
5. I combated it by having more sugar
6. I think I have a problem
7. I am 28 years old
8. I was married when I was 28
9. I moved to Boston in 2001
10. I have lived in Georgia, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia and Texas
11. I was born in Texas and moved from there when I was 1
12. I went to undergraduate school in Ohio and graduate school in Georgia
13. I hated living in Georgia
14. I love that I lived there
15. I met my husband at a dog park in Georgia
16. He was a bit goofy
17. He still is
18. I love this about him
19. I am complicated
20. As an adult I am finally learning to accept myself
21. This has been a long journey
22. My husband has helped me reach this goal faster
23. He loves me unconditionally, except when I don’t rinse off my dishes before I put them in the sink, then he hates me.
24. I am a neat freak
25. I love to be organized
26. Clutter sometimes takes over my life
27. I have amazing friends
28. I have had the same best friends since the 7th grade
29. We are separated by distance and sometimes never talk but the thought of them makes my heart warm
30. It took me a bit to settle in to college
31. I missed home
32. I made some fabulous friends there
33. We call ourselves the Beavers
34. This is not meant to be pornographic, it refers to Beaver Clever
35. We have a monthly Beaver award. For whoever is the biggest dork of the month
36. I win it a lot
37. It took me many months to prepare Rob (my husband) to meet the Beavers
38. They are a bit overwhelming
39. My family is crazy
40. For real
41. I love to be with my parents
42. They argue a lot when they drive in the car
43. Secretly, they enjoy it. Not secretly, we don’t
44. They are excellent role models. Both in life and in their marriage
45. I strive to make them proud
46. I know I have and they tell me often
47. My dad can do anything
48. My mom is the strongest woman I know
49. They did the best they could in raising us
50. It is difficult for me to understand my brother
51. I am working on this
52. He is mentally ill and has improved his life dramatically since seeking help
53. It was hard to grow up with him as a sibling
54. I often felt ignored
55. I think I try to make up for his faults by over achieving
56. I don’t want my parents to think that they’ve failed
57. I used to defend him when I was little
58. When we were young I was often the only one who could understand what he was saying (he used to have a speech impediment)
59. Most of my family suffers from depression
60. We’re all very open about this
61. My sister often challenges us to be more open about it
62. It’s interesting what genetics can do to you
63. I’m missing my eye teeth and I have no wisdom teeth
64. I inherited this from my maternal grandfather
65. He was an alcoholic
66. Apparently the missing teeth mean that I’m further evolved
67. So there.
68. I believe that everyone is special and different
69. These difference should be celebrated
70. I hate ignorance or uninformed opinions
71. I try really hard to see both sides of a story
72. My best friend Juli was really good at teaching me this
73. Juli is really funny. She once farted in front of a cop after being pulled over. He asked to see her registration. When she reached over to pull it out she farted. He didn’t give her a ticket.
74. She tells this story a lot. To anyone. She is not shameful about her foibles
75. I love this about her and I have learned to adopt the same policy
76. Everyone makes mistakes
77. There isn’t one person who hasn’t tripped in public at one point in time
78. I really hate it when people don’t take responsibility for themselves and their actions
79. Or when people judge others for something they do themselves.
80. I can’t wait to have children
81. My husband is 13 years older than me but looks and acts like a 20 year old
82. We better hurry or he’ll be an old man before the kid is 20.
83. I am nervous to raise children
84. There is so much to screw up
85. Rob won’t have kids while we live in Boston
86. He says city life is too hectic
87. We are poor
88. We live in a marginal neighborhood
89. This is okay with me most of the time
90. The Boston Police do not respond to our calls
91. This is not okay with me and makes me very angry
92. My husband was mugged at gun point on our street
93. It was very traumatic and only a month after we had purchased our house
94. In that same period of time I was electrocuted by our washing machine, my car was broken into, we discovered our house was wired to kill us and/or burn down, I lost my engagement ring (which was my husband’s mother’s wedding band), our washing machine broke and the company refused to honor our warranty, our cat got sick, our dog got sick, we were in a car accident, and we were married.
95. It was an interesting year
96. We are glad it’s over
97. I love to knit
98. I get obsessed with things
99. I love to read and now, I love to knit
100. I am a perfectionist
101. Knitting enables me to continue to be a perfectionist
102. I’m in love with my dog
103. She’s the funniest person I know
104. Unfortunately, she is not as amused by me
105. I like to talk
106. And therefore, I have to cut myself off here

Thanks for reading! That was fun. I definitely feel a bit weird putting this out there. What’s the opposite of voyeurism? Exhibitionism? Hmmm, interesting.

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Blogger Colleen said...

You're not alone on #90! The Boston Police don't respond to our calls, either.

12/02/2004 11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much I didn't know about you, Wendy. :) I'll have to do a list like this someday on my own LJ.

~ E

12/02/2004 11:27 AM  
Blogger Elisa said...

I'm really not surprised to find out that we have a lot more in common than our love of knitting. I think I knew when I met you for real the first time and you gave me a hug that I'd want you to be my friend. Geez, who wouldn't?

What a great list. Seriously. :)

I think you deserve an award for making it through #94 with your sanity. And your sense of humor.

12/02/2004 2:30 PM  
Blogger um said...

your story about your friend juli was hysterical, yet very mysterious. i can't help but wonder why the cop let her go. did he feel bad b/c he thought she was nervous? did he suddenly have the urge to leave the scene? was he laughing too hard to write steadily on his ticket book? i'll never know, but i sure did get a chuckle out of that one. nice list!

12/07/2004 7:51 PM  
Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

Thank you for the support! It's strange to put yourself out there like that.

As far as Juli goes, I think that the cop was super embarrassed for her! I think it makes it funnier to know that she does stuff like this a lot. It is totally her bad (or good!) luck.

12/08/2004 8:45 PM  

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