Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Eyre of your ways.

Our bookclub meeting was great. I meant to bring my camera to get a pic for you all to check out. Alas, true to form, I forgot. I am lucky to be a part of the most amazing group of ladies. I, at 28 (23 days to 29) years old, am the youngest. Some of us are separated by decades but our hearts and minds are alike and we truly enjoy one anothers company. The strangest thing about it all? We were put together randomly by chance. No one knew any of the other members. Here we are 2 1/2 years later and what do we have? A blast!

So, there were many fabulous suggestions. The classics suggested varied from mainstream to not so mainstream. There were also some contemporary authors mentioned that I haven't yet dipped into and I enjoyed the suggestions. Thank you all for being such supportive readers. From book suggestions to knitting support. You guys rock!

I ended up putting each of your suggestions on a piece of paper. I asked the ladies to pick three blindly. We ended up with the following titles: Jane Eyre, House of Mirth, and The Eyre Affair.

So, miss Cara of January One...come on down.

And from the audience I'd like to ask Laura A. to come on down.

And the House of Mirth? That was one I snuck in myself. I l-o-v-e Edith Wharton. She rocks.

As a substitute for the third winner - the only woman whose job is as boring as mine was....Miss Melanie...the first commenter on that there entry.

If you have my email send me your snail mail address and I promise not to stalk you. If you don't have my email well, look! how fun, bookishcontest at hotmail dot com is the first official contest email for this site!

In the end the majority voted for the House of Mirth. I's a hippy girl.
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Blogger melanie said...

Got your Valentine, thank you! I love those old-timey cards. Happy V-D to you, my dear!

2/14/2005 8:49 AM  

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