Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Getting tagged for this caused me to fart all over Elisa's Blog

For real. Mostly because it makes me have to THINK and MAKE DECISIONS and JUDGEMENTS about music. I should explain my relationship with music.

First of all, I constantly have a sound track running through my mind.

Secondly, I grew up with music in the house in the car in the bathroom. Everywhere. My mom says that it was the only way to drown out her three VERY active children. Ummm, thanks Mom!

Thirdly, music has an ability to transport me back to a time and place. This is so powerful that sometimes it brings me to tears.

Lastly, when I give you all a song of the week...I don't even need to think about it. It just shits itself out through no effort of mine. I am a music medium if you will.

On to the answers, which I'm sure will give you zero entertainment cause I'm a pretty damn boring person.

1) Total amount of music files on your computer:
On this computer, that I'm on right now. Ummm, none. I am on an ancient laptop that serves one allows me to check blogs from my bed. Where it is warm. And safe. And cozy. Where no one will judge me from laughing out loud at all of you silly bloggers.

2) The last CD you bought:
It's been awhile. CDs are expensive. However, the last time I bought CDs I bought three: Iris Dement, Blink-182 (their latest), and Little Red Rocket. Robby just bought the latest Guided by Voices.

3) What is the last song you listened to before reading this message?
Elliot Smith - Speed Trials off of Either/Or. My husband burned a copy of this CD for me the first summer we dated. It was a weird and complicated time for me. I fell in love that summer. This CD lived most of its life in my car in permenant rotation with either Tool or The Deftones as its flip mate.

4) Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:

- I Love you so much it Hurts Me - Originally written by Floyd Tillman, sang by Patsy Cline, and my favorite version sung by John Prine. My husband used to sing this song to me as I feel asleep. He surprised me and sang it at our Wedding Ceremony. It's a fabulous song. We're going to see John Prine in April - here's to hoping we hear it!

- Swim by Plastic Bird. My husband's song to me (as in he wrote it) when we first started dating.

- Three Days by Jane's Addiction. This song instantly brings me back to the years I spent at summer camp in the Finger Lakes of New York. I was a camper, I was a counselor. I truly learned who I was through those experiences.

- Hero by Foo Fighters. I love the Foo Fighters. A song that brings me to a safe and real world of friendship that is unfailing.

- Any song by the Beastie Boys. For a time I worked in Corporate America. While it wasn't as bad as it could have been it was still stiffling. I used to blast the Beastie Boys on my way into the parking lot. I somehow felt that it brought me a level of individuallity that those around me could never grasp. I also attempted to memorize the lyrics of their songs. All of them. You can never truly appreciate the wit and humor that goes into their stuff until you try to make it come out of your mouth.

....this is by far not the end....and these are not necessarily the most important songs....I love all kinds of crazy stuff....

5) What 3 people are you going to pass the baton to and why?
God, do I have to? While I'm tempted to just stop the buck I do know a few bloggers out there who deserve some traffic (however meager traffic from my site my be) on thier sites...

Shelley, who's new to blogging, has a fabulous view from her home and claims she's "old"
Erin, who loves all things 80s.

***disclaimer**** the above mentioned Word software. Therefore, no spell check. Sorry...I'll fix it all tomorrow.
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Blogger melanie said...

I just love your fascination with all things scatalogical. It makes me laugh! AND, your beastie approach to corporate america is INGENIOUS. I will have to try that. One last thing: YOUR HUSBAND SINGS TO YOU??? That is ***so hot***.

2/10/2005 8:51 AM  
Blogger Gypsymoth4 said...

OK, Wendy... I'll take that baton pass and run with it! :) It was so good to see you and everyone last night.

~ Erin

2/10/2005 10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej! (that's hi in Swedish!)
I had to come check in and see what book you chose: love Edith Wharton! I even saw yesterday that you could read it online at a website for classic books, in case someone wants it free in REALLY BIG PRINT. So, I'm tagged, that is far out, as we used to say at the turn of the century. If you came by my blog today, you noticed
a) my incredible pictures
b) that my laptop died last night
c)my sweetie is allowing me limited time on his.
So I will do this as soon as I can!
Have you checked your snail mail?

2/10/2005 4:24 PM  
Blogger Dani said...

You and I have the Beastie Boys thing in common. When I was barely out of my teens, I did lots of office temp jobs in the big city. I was the girl in the strait-laced suit groovin' to Beastie Boys cassette in my Sony Walkman while I was waiting at the bus stop.

2/10/2005 9:00 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Dude - you can fart on my blog whenever you need to. I - okay, I ALMOST just said "I got your back", but I don't think I'm going to say that in this context. ;)

I love your list, too, btw. : )

2/10/2005 9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm without my address book, so need to pass this on to Rob: width 800 pixels max, height doesn't matter.

2/11/2005 4:16 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Have you seen the blog that started that is just bookishgirl.blogspot? (without the "the") I went there accidently and said "WTF? where's Wendy?" :P

Hope you have a nice weekend!

2/12/2005 7:24 AM  

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