Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh, I wish I were a little bar of soap. Bar of soap.

I cracked Mason Dixon Knitting last week. I read this often because it's like having a little bit of Ann and Kay in your hands and really, what could be better than that? (Man, do I ever sound like a freaky stalker lady.) However, I hadn't yet knit something anything from the book.

I was thinking that I should make something for Rob's sister, as a thank you for letting us crash her house for a bit. We are travelling to visit her and the rest of the family in a few weeks. It's a family reunion, Kentucky style. Rumor has it that there will be some mullets in the house. Being the token Northern Person they think I'M THE WEIRD ONE. All I know is that I'm going straight for the Banana Pudding* screw Southern Hospitality, get out of my way.

Back to Rob's sister. Cathy loves lavender so we often take some yummy smelly something. I thought that I would bring some soap this time around. What better to go with a bar of soap.

A Warshrag.

Genius. Pure Genius.

* The best Banana Pudding I've ever had? Holiday Inn, Athens Georgia. Crazy. I never would have known it was there. All unassuming in its creepy hotel restaurant buffet. I discovered this jewel while on jury duty. They took us out to lunch every day and, fortunately, Athens has a plethora of fabulous soul food locales. I never would have taken the Holiday Inn for one of them. Apparently some old lady who lived in town got up to make it every morning. Pure bliss. I dream about that Banana Pudding. I also sing this song about day old banana pudding (I think it's by Southern Culture on the Skids?) every time I think about eating Banana Pudding. Clearly I have too much time on my hands.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hell hath frozen over

Thank you LauraA for the keen editing eye. Yes, it is the Andy Griffith Show and NOT Andy Griffin. My "lack of proof-reading" error. However, Maryse, you are a big turd for making fun of me when you're Ms. "I'm french and drop letters at the ends of words just to confuse people who try to speak my language." Bo-ho-ho.

Jenn has pinky double dog dare promised that she did not cheat. So, she will be the recipient of the pooping sheep. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised. I figured you would all see the prize and claim that you had cheated until the cows came home just to get out of receiving it. I am beyond thrilled that you, my readers, have my wasted sense of humor. I will likely end up at the craft store sometime soon and will try to seek out the pooper for KarenK who will be disappointed at Jenn's stand up non-cheating self.

On to the real news of the day.

You feel that?

That cold breeze?

Ohh, is it, perhaps, freezing?

I. am. knitting. lace.


I picked this yarn up at last year's New York Sheep and Wool Festival. I needed something to occupy my mind and hands. I figured, eh? What the hell. If ANYTHING is going to keep my mind busy it's going to be lace. It sure ain't reading, or staring, or tv watching, or showering, or sleeping, or... well, you get the drift.

The pattern is the Flower Basket Shawl from Interweave Knits. So far so good. Armed with my trusty dental floss (for use as a lifeline) I have completed two repeats only 8 million more.

Watch out for flying pigs.
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Back to the contest

I've been busy with a top-secret project over here. It's kept me from blogging and other activities. I'll share the details soon.

In the meantime.

Remember this?


There were a bunch of correct answers in the lot. Those that used Google, while I applaud your go-gettum attitude are disqualified. EvaLux, my darling, you didn't have a fighting chance with this one.

Guys? Eva is European. And no, that is not a joke that you tell when you're a kid (Yer a peeing) it is a land far from here that is, tragically, missing many American Pop Culture Icons. While I would argue in most cases this is a benefit of this far away land in this case, it is tragic.

Eva is currently living in Luxumbourg. And while I cannot remember if she is Luxumborgish, she lives there and for that she will always be in my, 'too cool for words' category. Why you ask? Because I used to live in Luxumbourg! File that one away in your, "huh, that Wendy is full of mysteries". I lived there for ~5 months in 1996(?) for a semester abroad. It. was. awesome. One of those seminal times in your life when the world feels right, you know you're doing the right thing, leading the right life, etc. etc. There have been few times reserved for those feelings.

Back to the topic. Loaded Goat, the absolute coolest, radest, magically delicious music project in the whole damn universe is named after an Andy Griffin Episode. My husband is a huge Andy Griffin fan and I have learned to love it as well.

Now, the first person to with the correct answer in the comments is Eva. Unfortunately, she's disqualified for Googling. Jenn is the next person. However, I'm a bit suspicious that she was Google informed as well. Jenn, if you can pinky swear with sugar and a cherry on top that you did not Google to come up with the answer, then you are the proud winner. If not the cheesy funny prize will head off to KarenK, who clearly knew the whole story about the episode. Please email me (bookishwendy at gmail dot com) with your mailing address.

The prize (in case you want to back out!) is a little something I picked up at a local craft store...

It's a sheep that poops jelly beans! hehehehe.

Thanks for playing.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Reader Wrap-Up

I've been reading quite a bit these last few months. I do this every once in awhile - have these insatiable urges to read whole days away. When I am rich and famous I will do just that. Until then I will read on my way to work, read while waiting for the elevators, read in lines, read at home, read in bed. I've finished the following books recently with the currently finished first.

Heat by Bill Buford
Verdict: This book has had a lot of money poured into it's promotion. However, I think that it is deserving. The author, Bill Buford, is a great writer and does a beautiful job describing his evolution from home kitchen cook to expert butcher, prepper, griller, etc. One of my favorite parts of the book is his description of Big and Small food and the taste memory of those from the Old Country. If you like food - I think you would enjoy this book.

The Bean Tree by Barbara Kingsolver
Verdict: Love. Love. Love. This is the first fiction of Kingsolver's that I've read. I know, I know. I own most of her books, just have not gotten around to reading them until now. This is a great story. Another book that illustrates that the number of pages you use to tell a story does not positively correlate with is magnitude.

Eventide by Kent Haruf
Verdict: I loved this book. I think that many of my feelings about books are somehow, in part, due to the books I've read immediately before (immediately below). Ken Haruf kicks ass with this book. It's short and sweet. The prose flows so beautifully. The characters are rich and the story is amazing. Many of the reviews on this book state, in one way or another, that the story "elevates" the reader. This is so true

I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb
verdict: This book was too damn long. I'm not against reading a long book, but it requires a tip in the cost benefit scale. This was chosen for my bookclub and, had it not been for that, I would have put it down. I get really angry when authors repeat the same scenes over and over with know real literary purpose. The characters were interesting, the story jarring. The fact that the author could have accomplished the same in a novel half the size will keep me from looking back fondly on this book and will leave me cursing it.

The Eight by Katherine Neville
Verdict: As you know, Elisa gifted me this book for my birthday. I thought it was interesting and was a fun read. I learned a little about chess and really enjoyed the setting of the book - Alergia. Now there would be a fun place to visit.

If you follow any of the links above they will take you to my LibraryThing catalog. This is a tool I found via a commenter (I don't remember who!) that I am totally addicted to. I have not yet gotten all of my books into it. Pretty much all of the knitting books are missing. It is so fun to see everything all organized and looking snazzy! *cough* *cough* total. nerd. *cough*
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm a weiner!

I am totally into the drive-by posting lately. This closely mirrors my attention span. I am like a kid that just ingested 25 pixie sticks before bed.

Today's topic:

I'm a winner!!!

Actually, my sister was a winner and because she was one of my "Friends" I won too!!

Get this - an Ipod Nano?! Crazy huh? I decided the take the alternative prize - a $150 gift card. Rob and I need to do some travelling for a family reunion and this will take the sting out of the cost of the flights.

How fun?

If you'd like to be my friend and win with me click the link below


I have not forgotten that we have a winner on the Loaded Goat Post. I can't help but be disappointed that some people guessed with Google! Eva - you have a free pass because you're not American. Some of you clearly knew without the intranets...others, I'm not so sure...
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