Friday, December 10, 2004

My Hero

(I love this picture. I figured out why Rob picked out such bold colors for "his" rooms in the house, they make great backgrounds!)

Reverse Flash, the man of my dreams, has been a busy boy. Not only is he struggling to save
The Bookish Girl, he's also off trying to rescue kittens in the rain/cold/sleet while walking uphill in 8ft deep snow drifts. Both ways! We almost had one on Wednesday. The little bugger ran the only direction we didn't have covered.
Is there some secret kitten language that we can use to convince them that we are not vicious murderers? This must be what they think because the look in their eyes is pure horror. Little do they know that we want to move them from the freezing cold into the arms of a family who will love on them and hold them tight and kiss them and call them George.*

We had a dramatic rescue this past summer. We had our friends
Erin and Kurt over for a grill out. Around midnight we walked them to the front door with our dogs in tow. As we exited the house we spotted mama cat walking down the street. Now, both of the dogs are fascinated with cats and REALLY enjoy chasing them down. Not their greatest quality but one that is difficult to train out as at least one of them is part hound. Before we could corral her back into the house Rya (hound woman) chased the mama and spooked the babies who, unbeknownst to us, were hiding under a parked car. The kitties ran down the street along the curb only to be greeted by a storm drain....which one fell into. It takes us awhile to figure out what's going on. At this point we realize that there is a kitten in the catchbasin, drowning and crying.

It sucked.

I ran up to the house to get the dogs in, grabbed a flashlight and ran out. And what before my eyes should appear? Rob's legs sticking out of the storm drain. On either end of those legs were Erin and Kurt. The three of them had used their super-human adrenaline strength to pull off the catch basin grate and Rob was hanging head first trying to grab the kitten.

The catch? He couldn't see. It was pitch black. We screamed to him....LEFT, RIGHT...directing him toward the scared drowning kitty (who thinks we're going to eat him.) The second catch, we have an illicit connection in our storm drain system, illicit connection = sewage. All’s well that ends well, we caught the kitten and eventually we all recovered emotionally. However, I think we were so thrown off by the whole thing that we didn't quite know what to do with him (and the other kitten still hiding.) We ended up letting them go, we knew their mother was near.

As winter approaches the idea of kittens outside gets a bit scary. As I mentioned yesterday, there is one in particular who we think is without its mama. My husband, the greatest man in the world, managed to catch it yesterday!

Ain't he cute?! He went directly to the humane society and was immediately greeted by warm hands. He wasn't scared of people and will likely be adopted soon. However, we think we may know the source of this kitten's genes....

This is the face that our cat Kumar made when I questioned him about his sex life. Now you tell me, how in the world does an indoor cat with zero access to the rough city streets sire a kitty like this?! We'll give him the benefit of the doubt. For now anyway...I think his look screams guilt!

In knitting news....
Dad's scarf is just about half done. We had knitting night last night. This is a horrible picture of Kris and Barbara (the only one I took that wasn't blurry), my knitters in crime.

I adore our weekly meetings...they are hilarious and fun. And best of all, I received my first gift of the season. Kris gave me the bestest present ever! I decided I'm going to do one pattern a day. Who's with me?!

*I don't quite have this quote right but does anyone know where it's from?!
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Blogger Katie said...

Silly's from Bugs Bunny. Hugo the Abominable Snowman "captures" Bugs and says "I will hug him and pet him and call him George!" Bugs escapes and Hugo attempts to collect other pets in order to name them George. I think maybe Marvin the Martian was one of the potential Georges.

P.S. Check out the Nick Hornby article from this week.

12/10/2004 1:40 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

A quick Google search reveals:

and, you're right! (see FAQ)

Yeah, I could relate to Hornby discovering an author because of a band name or song. I would take issue with the article calling "How to Be Good" his best work though. These days (with two kids under 5) I'm lucky to read the occasional Granta; if it's not something I can read online work (ahem), I don't get around to it. I keep telling myself this is only temporary. And anyway, I have knitting to do.

Katie (still only 2/3 the way through An Instance of the Fingerpost)

12/10/2004 2:40 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Yay! You caught a kitten! And what a very cute kitten indeed. I'm sure he'll be adopted very soon. Will Kumar have visitation rights, or is he still keeping mum about the whole thing?

12/12/2004 10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll never forget Rob's heroic efforts that night, Wendy. Kitty cries! Pawing through a sewer! The blood dripping down his head!

Kumar looks like he could impregnate with his searing glance. :)

~ Erin

12/13/2004 9:11 AM  

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